Handbook / Conduct

Dorothy Peacock Elementary School

Code of Conduct & Dress Guidelines

Statement of Purpose

At Dorothy Peacock Elementary, we come together in a safe, nurturing environment to celebrate individual diversity, to foster respect for each other, to attain personal integrity and excellence; with a belief in our ability to make responsible choices, to contribute to our society and to meet the challenges of a changing world. Our Student Expectations, developed by parents and staff and guided by the Langley School District Code of Conduct, outlines our expectations of acceptable behaviour in order that all members of the school community feel safe and know what is expected of them.

All students are subject to the code of conduct while they are at school, as they travel to and from school, and attend school functions.

Student Expectations

We believe that the school and home must work together to ensure the community is safe and students meet with success. The school expectations are taught and revisited regularly in order to maintain a positive school climate. Students are guided to develop self-control and self-discipline both in their behaviour and the completion of their school work.

Student Responsibilities

  1. Students will exhibit behaviour that is consistent with the principles of common sense and courtesy to others.
  2. Students will, at all times, show respect for and consideration of their fellow students, the school staff, the building, their possessions and the possessions of others.
  3. Students will follow the rules of safety established for the school and the classroom for their own personal safety and the safety of others.


  1. From the time students arrive at school and are dismissed at the end of the day, they are to remain on the grounds and only leave if going home for lunch (permission must be granted by parents, teacher/principal) or picked up by a caregiver.
  2. Students are to follow School District #35 (Langley) policy regarding weapons, replica weapons, matches, lighters, laser pointers, cigarettes, violence, alcohol, and drugs.
  3. Students are encouraged to enjoy bikes, roller blades, skate boards and scooters but not on the school grounds a half hour before school begins or a half hour after school ends.

Student Dress Guidelines

The school is a student’s work place. As such, students are expected to dress appropriately, and to use common sense and good taste in dressing for school. Dorothy Peacock is aligned with the Langley School District Dress Guidelines.  Should a student arrive at school dressed inappropriately, they should expect the teachers or administration to request that they take steps to correct the situation immediately. This may include removal of the offensive item or some action, which will reduce the noticeability of the item, including going home to change.

Unacceptable Conduct

As members of our school community, we expect students to work and play in a manner that is safe for themselves and others. Behaviours that we believe to be unacceptable include:

  • not following the rules of safety
  • disrupting the learning environment in the classroom or school
  • bullying, harassment, and intimidation
  • physical violence
  • retribution against anyone who may have reported an action they felt was hurtful towards another.

These are examples of unacceptable behaviours and are not an all-inclusive list.


Severity and frequency of unacceptable conduct as well as the age and maturity of students is considered in determining appropriate disciplinary action. While each discipline situation will be dealt with individually, we work to ensure that our responses to unacceptable conduct are consistent and fair. We use discipline as an opportunity to help students understand the consequences of their behaviour and to help them to plan a course of action to “make right” the harm they have caused. It is hoped these actions will also help students to think before they act, practice greater self-control and self-discipline, and become responsible citizens in their school and community.


The teacher usually deals with issues that arise in the classroom. There may be times when the teachers feel the administration needs to be involved. If the administration feels that a serious breach of the Code of Conduct has occurred, students’ parents (or other parties as deemed necessary or by law) will be informed of the incident and the consequences.

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