September 14, 2020

September 13, 2020

Hope everyone had a great weekend. It was so amazing to have the students back last week! Looking forward to having them all together for the week.

New Information To Share

Daily Health Screening Form: Last week your child came home with the daily health screening form (click here). Please sign this and send it with your child on Monday. You only need to fill out and sign the form once however use the list to do an assessment of your child each morning.

Playground Closed: A reminder to parents that our playgrounds are closed before and after school. We ask that you come to school as close to the bell as possible and leave immediately after school. Your support and cooperation is appreciated.

Transition Support Model:. For those families who have opted for the Transition Support Model, you will be getting information this week about the start of this program on September 21st.

Masks: While not mandatory at the elementary level, we are encouraging a culture of mask wearing in our school among staff and students.  If you are sending your child with a mask, please be sure their name is on it and it is washed on a regular basis.

School Supplies: For our primary classes, the school has done a bulk order on supplies for the students. Parents will be charged a fee so students have what they need for the school year. Our preferred method of payment is Cash Online so be on the lookout for an email from Mrs Lipp. In our intermediate classes, those families that ordered through School Start, your supplies have arrived and will be distributed this week. If you are buying your own school supplies, you can access the list if you click here.

Verification Forms: This week, your child will be coming home with a package of forms to verify demographic information as well as some permission forms. Mrs Lipp will send out a detailed email when these are coming home so please be on the lookout for those and return them ASAP.

Information From Last Week

Thank You DPE Community: On behalf of the entire staff here at DPE, we want to thank you for all your support and patience over the past couple weeks and into the beginning of the school year. We know these are difficult times as we navigate COVID 19 as it relates to school. Your understanding and encouragement is very much appreciated.

COVID Information Website: We have a link on our Dorothy Peacock website (click here) where we will keep all the updated documents shared related to COVID 19 and school. Please be sure to check it out periodically so you can stay up to date.

Issues With Email: When trying to send an email to the entire school, there have been some glitches resulting in people not receiving the correspondence. For some servers (hotmail, gmail, etc) the message is either sent to your spam or doesn’t arrive at all. Please be sure to check those spots for messages. We also encourage you to join one of our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) as we will post information there as well as our website. You can also click here to join our Remind group to receive one way texts from the school (if you’re already a subscriber, no need to join again).

School Calendar: Although this is a bit of a different year, we will still be having many things going on throughout the course of the school year. A reminder that you can access our school calendar on our website (click here)

Parents In The School: A reminder that to help us ensure the healthiest and safest environment possible for our students, parents are not to enter the building. Please make an appointment through the office if you need to speak face-to-face with admin or a staff member. We encourage you to use email as well to interact with staff.

Requests To Move Classes: Our staff work extremely hard to find the best educational placement for all our students. They take all factors into account when creating classes. out of respect to that process, we DO NOT move any students during the first 6 weeks of school unless there are extraordinary circumstances. This year there is the possibility of some moves due to changing enrolment numbers.


SEPTEMBER 23, 2020   6:30PM
Please join us at the DPE PAC AGM and elections in September, when we will be discussing & voting on funds allocation for the upcoming school year as well as voting in our PAC Executive & Committee Leads for 2020/21. 

At this time we are now accepting nominations for executive & committee roles until Wednesday, September 23rd at 6:35 PM. Any parent is welcome to put their name forward for a position. Most do not take up a lot of time per month and you are welcome to share some roles with another parent, if you desire.
The new executive positions will run from October 1st – June 30, 2021.

Our executive roles must be filled in order for our school to receive BC Gaming Grant funding (appx $20 per student) which goes a long way towards providing all the extras for our school such as field trips, technology upgrades, arts performances, etc. Without this funding we will have to cut back or require parents to pay out of pocket for these expenses. 

If you would like to put your name forward for a position please email Kristi at One of our PAC team will get in touch with you to discuss further. Click here for a short description of each role as well as the proposed budget for 2020/21.
Thank you so much.  We hope to see you September 23rd.

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