Parking Lot Safety

Posted: September 3, 2018

As children return to school it is crucial that we remind them how to be safe pedestrians and ourselves how to be responsible drivers. Please remember that all school zones are back in effect and that it is important to slow down.

Our school parking lot remains a real area of concern. The upper parking lot is a “drive through and drop off zone” only. When you drop off your children they should exit from the passenger’s side not the driver’s side of the vehicle. The curb lane for drop off and go, not for parking. The middle lane is for drive through. Do not drop children off in this driving lane. If you need to come into the school or wait for more than a couple of minutes, please park in the lower parking lot. Parking in the, “drive through” zone may be convenient for you, BUT it does put children and other parents in danger. This includes at the entrance way and exit of the drive through. We also ask that unless you have a proper handicap sign displayed in your front windshield that you do NOT park in the handicap spots.

As you cross the parking lot, we ask you to teach your children to use the marked crosswalks. Children copy what the adults around them do. Please model safe behaviour for your children and drive safely.

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